SIENNA MILLER stood in for the leading lady in last night's (23JUN05) performance of AS YOU LIKE IT in London's West End, astounding cast and audience alike.

Actress Helen McCrory, who plays ROSALIND in the William Shakespeare comedy, collapsed from gastro-enteritis and dehydration during yesterday's matinee.

But although director DAVID LAN was set to enlist the services of understudy DENISE GOUGH for the evening show, he received a text message from Miller saying "I know Rosalind's part if you need me to do it."

And the blonde star, who has been panned by theatre critics for her "wooden" performance in her usual supporting role as CELIA, saved the day with just 90 minutes before the curtain rose.

Lan says, "I was astonished. There was absolutely no reason why Sienna should know a single line."

Miller said afterwards, "I'm not completely conscious of what just happened.

"I've felt in a complete state of shock and in a way I still am. I just attempted to imitate Helen McCrory."

24/06/2005 08:35