Dame Helen Mirren doesn't ''agree'' with the word beauty.

The 74-year-old actress believes the concept is ''weird'' and shouldn't only be thought of in terms of appearance and she thinks optimism and joy are essential to life.

She said: ''Try to find joy in your life, wherever you can, and be optimistic as far as is possible.

''Because I think this weird thing called 'beauty' (which I'm not too sure I altogether agree with that word), has many different forms, and only one form is the outward form of your physicality. There are many other ways of being and feeling beautiful.''

The 'Red' actress walked in the L'Oréal's Le Défilé show at Paris Fashion Week over the weekend and though she was ''terrified'' of falling over on the runway, she felt it was important for people like her to help bring diversity to the catwalk.

She told HarpersBazaar.com: ''It's been a long time coming, but finally - hopefully - it's arrived, or is arriving. I'm so happy that I witnessed that and it's come in my lifetime.''

The fashion show was open to the public, rather than just invited guests, and Helen thinks that helped spread the message of accessibility.

She added: ''Everybody's entitled to look the best they can, to feel great, to enjoy doing their hair or putting on make-up, or a dress or suit. It should be open and accessible to everyone, and not just a select few who only look this way.''

However, the screen legend still thinks the beauty industry needs to do more work to fulfill the needs of her generation.

She said: ''Certainly I think more needs to be done in the development of products. Although L'Oréal in particular with their Age Perfect products, are fantastic.

''I very rarely colour my hair, but if I do, I'll use the Age Perfect hair product because it really works. It's multifaceted, you get lots of different tones in your hair.''