Helena Christensen was ''really touched'' when she walked the runway with Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Carla Bruni again.

The supermodels reunited in 2017 for Versace's spring/summer 2018 show and the Danish beauty admitted she never expected the huge positive reaction to the presentation, despite admitting it was a ''very special'' moment.

She told You magazine: ''Not in my wildest dreams did I think it [the show] would have that effect.

''It was very special. We girls had grown up together doing this strange and unique job, and for us to feel that reaction, years later, really touched me.

''It was the togetherness that made it special to me. I was next to my girls! We really have a lot of love for each other.''

The 50-year-old star works hard to keep in shape with boxing, yoga and dance sessions but also likes to ''incorporate nature'' into her fitness regime.

She explained: '''I think it's important to shake it up and do as many different forms of workout as possible, but also to incorporate nature into them.

''Swim in the ocean, swim in rivers, swim in lakes. Hiking, trekking, chopping wood - it's the best way of working out, because it doesn't really feel like a workout. It feels like you're alive.

''This summer, several times a day, I would go down to the beach and sprint barefoot with my dog, jump in the ocean and just move around like crazy in the water. It's where I feel the calmest, happiest, most stable. It's just the Viking mentality.

''I have this yearning to be near water. It's almost an obsession. If I woke up one morning and had a mermaid tail, it wouldn't surprise me.''