Henry Cavill has hung up his cape as Superman.

The 35-year-old actor - who starred as the fictional superhero in movies including 'Man of Steel', 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' and 'Justice League' - has reportedly decided not to continue in the role after Warner Bros. and his representatives fell out over a cameo in 'Shazam!'.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter: ''There's a recognition that some parts of the previous movies didn't work ... Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors.''

A statement from Warner Bros. tried to play down any final decisions made about Cavill's future as the superhero. They said: ''While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we've always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged.''

The news may come as a surprise to some as earlier this year, Henry revealed he already had a storyline in mind for 'Man of Steel 2' and had already held conversations with people at DC about a follow-up movie.

He said: ''I'm having a lot of conversations, behind-the-scenes, with certain people and we will hopefully be having conversations with other people who are also behind-the-scenes to make things start happening. It is very much in my desire to do a 'Man of Steel 2', a direct sequel to 'Man of Steel', and there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell. There is a whole style of Superman's character that I'm very keen to tell and I'm looking forward to the opportunity.''

And the hunky star previously admitted that playing Superman is bigger than any of his previous roles.

Asked if he was intimated by the responsibility, Henry explained: ''I don't think there's an intimidation to it as such. Certainly if I really thought about it and concentrated, there's been a couple of phases where people have said, they've been explaining to me all the Superman cookies and the ice creams and I saw organic kryptonite next to organic corn sign on the way down here. There was a second where I went, 'Wow, this is massive.' You gotta ignore that and not let it get to you, otherwise you'll be focusing so much on the pressure as opposed to actually dealing with the important thing, which is doing justice to the character.''