The former Black Flag star was slated to perform in Tel Aviv's Havana Club on 5 February (16) but announced it had to be rescheduled due to a "promoter conflict".

Reports suggested the decision was made amid pressure from activists who have been urging artists not to perform in the country because of the unrest between Israelis and Palestinians, but Rollins insists the postponement was not politically motivated.

In a statement, he writes, "I did not... pull out of my show in Tel Aviv, Israel due to any pressure from anywhere. I canceled the Tel Aviv show on advice from my agent, who had been having a much less than honest time with the promoter. I was looking forward to the show in Tel Aviv. I don't think a cultural boycott is a good way to go. As much as I disagree with Israel's dealings with Palestine, and I disagree very much, I think ideas, discussion, other perspectives lead to change more than the silence of a boycott."

The U.K. leg of Rollins' tour ended in Glasgow, Scotland on Monday night (18Jan16) and the European shows kick off in Leuven, Belgium on Wednesday (20Jan16).