The former Black Flag star recently travelled to the Antarctic peninsula, and the trip brought home to him the damage mankind is potentially causing to the planet.

It also left the U.S. star angry at the attitude of most human beings to other species, and convinced him we no longer have a rightful place on Earth.

In a written essay for British newspaper The Guardian, he slams the human race for eating animals and pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and blames his fellow man for a desire to "ransack and divest (the planet) of its treasures".

Rollins writes, "It is often exceedingly difficult for me to hang in there with our species. We really are quite awful when you come to think of it. I like you but not us. There are a lot of living things on the planet - for now. Perhaps the most ill-suited for existence would be our species.

"Good grief, are we weak. Organisms invisible to the naked eye wipe us out; allergic reactions to everything from an insect's sting to nuts can cause death. Predators on land and in the sea can kill us off with little effort and look really good doing it, as we go out flailing, in our last gasping moments trying for one last selfie...

"Our intelligent design is so flawed that almost all of us should be recalled... So dipped in arrogance are we that we are convinced that our rightful place is atop the food chain, and that the planet is ours... Does it seem like I'm saying that the human race is doomed? We are, absolutely, but take heart, there are at least two reasons not to despair right now: it will still take a while and thousands of other species will be dying off as well, so at least we won't be lonely or feel foolish... In a few centuries or less, the last of us will choke out, cursing at the injustice of it all."