Howard Donald thinks his bandmates would ''do alright'' if he quit Take That.

The 'Never Forget' trio - which includes Howard, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen - have no plans to go their separate ways but the 48-year-old singer thinks his bandmates would do just fine if he followed in Jason Orange or Robbie Williams' footsteps and quit the group.

Discussing the idea, Howard said: ''If I leave, I think Gary and Mark would be alright.''

But for the meantime at least, the band will continue doing what they love - making music and touring.

Opening up about being on stage, Gary added: ''I'll be honest about being on stage.

''Sometimes, you know what it's like, you've got families, you've got a home life, you're meeting people before the show. I can't wait to get on there and have a bit of peace.''

The 'Rule the World' hitmakers have yet to break America as Mark was always much keener about the idea than Howard.

Speaking to James Corden in a special version of his Carpool Karaoke to mark Comic Relief's Red Nose Day fundraiser, Gary said: We had this hilarious meeting in London. These two guys from the New York record company flew in.

''And they literally start telling us, 'We're going to do this, we're going into these states, we're going to go to Vegas and do this radio thing then we're hitting marketing in New York and do all these chat shows, and what do you think?' So after an hour full on and the silence sort of went down the line until it got to Howard and he went ...''

To which Howard chimed in and added: ''Can't be a***d.''

And Mark shared: ''I probably would have gone for it.''