Howard Donald gets mistaken for his former bandmate Jason Orange regularly.

The 49-year-old hunk took to Twitter over the weekend to tell his fans about an experience he had with a woman, who couldn't fathom that he wasn't the 47-year-old former Take That star.

He wrote: ''A Lady swore blind I was Jason orange and I simply said I wasn't.

She said''well why do you look and talk like him?!''

I said ''I am not Jason orange''

She walked off in a sulk

Probably the 1000th Time that's happened. I bet people are p****d with the orange!! (sic)''

The female named Kerry then tweeted the 'Giants' hitmaker to say she was sorry for the mix up.

When the fan apologised, Howard replied: ''No worries Kerry!

Hope you wasn't too angry with me thinking I was pretending not to be him (sic)''

Meanwhile, part-time member Robbie Williams recently admitted he will only reunite with Take That if Jason agrees to return.

The 'Candy' hitmaker - who first left the band in 1995 in order to focus on his own solo career before briefly rejoining in 2011 - hinted there could be a big reunion later this year, but he is adamant he'll only do it if Jason - who quit in 2014 - does it too.

He said of rejoining with Jason, Gary Barlow, Howard and Mark Owen: ''I'm in if it's a five-piece.

''It's down to Jay. I speak to Jay about twice a year. I don't ask him stuff to do with Take That, but I know the other lads do.''