Howard Donald says the future of Take That is not ''permanent''.

The 48-year-old singer has no idea what the future holds for the 'Giants' group - currently also comprised of Mark Owen and Gary Barlow - as he doesn't feel their reincarnation is any different as to when they were in their heyday in the 90s.

He admitted: ''It feels no more permanent than it ever did.

''Maybe some people look in and think, 'well, they're all right forever now', but it never feels like that and maybe it never will.''

The 'Back For Good' hitmakers dropped their new album 'Wonderland' on Friday (24.03.17), and frontman Gary, 46, says he thinks they've lasted longer together this time round because they've had more control over the record and every other element of the band.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''That might be because we're more involved, able to be more creative in all aspects of That That.''

The new album - their first since 2014's 'III' - mirrors where the band are at in their lives all being fathers, something which has rejuvenated the band, according to Mark.

The 45-year-old hunk said: ''There's a feeling on this record of things changing.

''We all have children and the world they see is very different to the one we see.''

No one can predict the future of Take That as Gary recently said he is desperate for Jason Orange to rejoin the band to mark their 30th anniversary in 2022.

Gary is determined to persuade Jason, who quit in 2014, and part-timer Robbie Williams, 43, to be involved in the group's milestone celebrations.

He said: ''We are going to hopefully maybe get Robbie on board and get Jason on board. It might be the 30th anniversary that we end up celebrating.''

Gary previously said he is adamant that one day Robbie and Jason will return at some point and he is positive the band are back for good, despite Howard's comments.

He previously said: ''We're at the point in our careers where we feel more excited than we've ever been.

''I do picture doing more solo stuff in the future.

''It's been a few years since I've done that.

''I don't think there's ever going to be an announcement that says, 'Take That is finished', I really don't.

''I just think it may be different. It may be four. It may be three, it may be five. I think it's always going to be changing, that bit.''