Hugh Grant told Andie MacDowell that her butt ''looks good'' in a jumpsuit when they were met up at the Hollywood Film Awards.

The 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' co-stars reunited earlier this month at the ceremony, where the 58-year-old beauty presented the 56-year-old actor with the Best Supporting Actor gong for his role as St Clair Bayfield opposite Meryl Streep in 'Florence Foster Jenkins', and she has now revealed Hugh commented on how great her rear looked in the black all-in-one jumpsuit she wore to the star-studded bash.

Speaking at L'Oreal's Women of Worth Awards at New York's Pierre Hotel on Wednesday evening (16.11.16), Andie recalled: ''I'm into jumpsuits right now. You know why? Because I'm 58, and I think my bottom looks good in a jumpsuit. That's what Hugh told me about the jumpsuit I wore at the [Hollywood Film] awards.''

At the recent ceremony, the 'Notting Hall' star joked about how upset he was that Andie has aged better than him.

He quipped: ''I am depressed how much better preserved you are than I am.''

When accepting the prize, Hugh joked that he wasn't bothered about the ceremony's second-tier status in Hollywood and said to the star-studded room: ''I just wanted to say to the Hollywood Film Awards, some people have been rather snooty about you. I don't feel that way at all. I almost never get a prize and I am so pleased with this one. It will not be in my (bathroom) or used as a doorstop. I may wear it as a broach ... I am very, very pleased.''