The Four Weddings & A Funeral star admits he feels ashamed he hasn't stepped behind the camera like his peers Ewan MCGregor, George Clooney and Ben Affleck.

"It's a sort of shame that flares up from time to time," he tells "(The) clock's ticking. I'm 56 now. I still promise myself I may get down to it, at any moment."

The Notting Hill star has wound down his film career in recent years, taking fewer roles and focusing on his political campaigning to change Britain's press laws.

However, he returned to a lead role earlier this year (16) alongside Meryl Streep in the biopic Florence Foster Jenkins and he has also taken a part in the upcoming Paddington sequel, which began filming last month (Oct16).

Hugh isn't planning on making a big comeback though, and he won't be too worried if no new offers materialise.

"If something interesting comes up, I might well do it," he adds. "I do have a whole other life now, and I won't throw myself out of a window if I don't do another film."