Movie legend Humphrey Bogart's son is planning to take to the sea in the restored 100-year-old steamboat that appeared in his father's 1951 movie classic The African Queen.
Stephen Bogart's voyage off the coast of Florida on Thursday (12Apr12) will be the vessel's first since undergoing an extensive renovation.
The 63-year-old real estate agent tells Reuters, "I'm going to see it and take a little ride."
His father won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Charlie Allnut in the film and Stephen insists Humphrey was nothing like the hard-drinking tough guy he played in the movie.
He says, "He wasn't a gin-swilling, roughneck bearded guy."
Bogart, Jr. made headlines back home in America while his father filmed the movie in Africa, where he was accompanied by Stephen's mother Lauren Bacall.
His nanny suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and died on the day his parents jetted off on location and his grandmother became his guardian for the duration of the shoot.