Humphrey Bogart's estate administrators are set to release their first film after funding the project via

Stephen Bogart, the movie icon's son with Lauren Bacall and the co-managing partner of the estate, has teamed with filmmaker Steve Anderson to launch a production company named Santana Films, and their first venture, This Last Lonely Place, will be released later this year (13).

Bogart tells The Hollywood Reporter, "In 1948, my dad was one of the first stars to leave the studio system, because he wanted to be free to make movies his way. He started his own independent film company, Santana Productions, named after his beloved sailboat. Starting Santana Films is the perfect way to carry on our family tradition."

And Anderson has revealed that the company will focus on low-budget films that studios consider to be risks. This Last Lonely Place was funded by a campaign utilising the Bogart estate's social media presence to raise more than $90,000 (Gbp60,000).

He says, "Bogart was a risk taker. He took on challenging material and loved to work with other independent iconoclasts, like directors Nicholas Ray and John Huston. We're going to let ourselves be guided by this spirit.

"There's a demand out there for quality genre films, and we intend to meet that demand by embracing the Bogart legacy. As you’ll see with This Last Lonely Place, this means a focus on old Hollywood storytelling, great acting, and new Hollywood fundraising and marketing."