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Humphrey Milles - Climbing My Tree

Singer/ songwriter Humphrey Milles unveils a thought-provoking and truly stunning video for his new love song 'Climbing My Tree' taken from his recently released debut album 'Tall Stories'.

Directed by Bella Monticelli-McTiernan (Tom Odell's 'Another Love'), the video begins in black and white and is a kaleidoscopic montage of various images relating to nature (such as trees, birds, honeycomb, mountains and waterfalls) and human nature (such as a woman performing self-flagellation as a religious ritual and images of brain scans) all with a ghostly backdrop of Humphrey singing. After a building crescendo, there's a burst of colour and more evocative imagery symbolising all manner of human emotion. The song is a melodious acoustic number with a simple, repetitive guitar riff that's bound to stick in your head for several hours. Coupled with some ambient harmonies and poetic lyrics, it definitely makes for a great chill-out tune for the summer.

With tracks of this quality, it's no wonder that Humphrey has made quite a name for himself with stage appearances alongside the likes of Amy Winehouse, KT Tunstall, The Magic Numbers, Snow Patrol, Ed Harcourt and Michele Stodart. He has also been championed by a number of radio stations such as Yorkshire FM, BBC Radio Ulster and BBC 6Music.

Humphrey Milles - Not Enough

Humphrey Milles has now unveiled the poignant video for his upcoming single 'Not Enough' due out on December 3rd 2012 ahead of the release of his new album 'Tall Stories' which is due out next year.

It features some kind of meeting led by a fairly dubious organiser who encourages the group to participate in team building and trust exercise such as hugging one another and catching each other as they fall backwards. The leader appears to sexually harass one of the participants who looks a little vulnerable but the video is mainly focused on one girl who is a little disconnected from the rest of the group; for example, preferring to eat her lunch by herself in a toilet cubicle. With the distinct lack of bright colour and the alternating speeds of the video, it reflects the melancholy and ominousness of the song with its steady drumbeat and consistent, slightly emotionless vocals that reflect the dispirited mood of some of the video cast's moods.

Milles is currently supporting The Magic Numbers' Michele Stodart on her November tour which will draw to a close in Nottingham this Friday. He has also recently released his free track 'Breathe' which, although it is a great listen, will not feature on his upcoming album. 

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Humphrey Milles - Breathe

Stoke-on-Trent singer/ songwriter Humphrey Milles performs his beautiful new piano track 'Breathe' live at the Regal Rooms in West London. He will release the song as a B-side on his upcoming single 'Not Enough' scheduled for released on October 22nd 2012. It is now available for free digital download on Soundcloud but will not feature on his forthcoming album 'Tall Stories', due out in February 2013.

The track is slow and melodic with a simplicity and tenderness that could put it in a 'depressing' song category, though it is anything but. It's definitely one to put smiles on faces rather than erase them.

Milles returns following an unfortunate downward spiral that he found himself in even after a promising start to his music career. He performed alongside the late Grammy winner Amy Winehouse as well as KT Tunstall, Snow Patrol and Mercury Prize nominee Ed Harcourt before a record deal went down the drain and he had to have treatment on his throat after an attack. He spent his time surfing in Costa Rica and writing music and now has a wonderfully poetic masterpiece to show for it, produced by Ed Harcourt himself who was 'flattered' when his help was requested. 'Humphrey writes songs that are crammed full of the catchiest melodies, the most infectious hooks and lyrical twists and deserves to be No 1 across the globe', he said.

Humphrey Milles, The Number 4 EP EP Review

Maybe it's the economic crisis, but it was with a sense of resignation that I plugged in to listen to Humphrey - a 30-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent: another singer-songwriter, another piano man, more power ballads, more maudlin navel gazing... Enough already. If I want doom and gloom I'll watch the Bloomberg. It was encouraging to see that he doesn't look miserable - he's blond, he surfs - and he has one of the most relaxed vocal deliveries you'll hear. You can understand why The Sunday Times compared him to Soft Machine's Kevin Ayres, whose doped-out vocals encapsulated the laissez-faire attitudes of the Sixties.

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Humphrey Milles

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