Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo were looking for a cool base in the British capital and found a pad on trendy Portobello Road.

"We lived with Alicia in a little apartment in London," Aino tells InStyle. "The address was really nice but the apartment was horrible. We had rats and we were all sharing a bed.

"We shared a mattress on this nasty floor and we were sleeping with our winter clothes on because it was so cold, and we stole food from the market. It was not fancy at all."

But despite the hardship, Aino admits it was a "very beautiful time", adding, "We became such close friends. We saw her doing her stuff; we supported her, and she was supporting us."

"She'd come in and be like, 'Girls, please, can you DJ with headphones? I'm trying to rehearse my lines'," Hjelt chuckles.