Icona Pop are punk as well as pop.

The Swedish duo had a huge hit across the world with 'I Love It' - which has been covered stars including Robin Thicke, Florence Welch and was even featured on 'Sesame Street' - but they feel the catchy track works so well because it has a punk edge to it.

The group's Aino Jawo told the Tampa Bay Times newspaper: ''We were influenced by so much more than only pop. When you listen to it, it can actually sound a little punky. It's not ordinary pop.

''And that makes it so interesting when [people] make their own version of it.

''When you listen to Robin Thicke, it sounds like R&B, making-love music. And when we do it, it sounds more like, 'f**k it'.''

Aino - who completes the band with Caroline Hjelt - also said she thinks Swedish people have a natural talent for writing pop hooks.

She added: ''I think Swedish people, it might be that they're very good at finding bittersweet melodies, and lately, bittersweet melodies have become very big all over the world.

''And Sweden is a very small country, so if you're good at something, it's easier to get to work with the good producers and people. So it creates its own sound in a way.''