Idina Menzel is loving married life with Aaron Lohr.

The 'Frozen' star tied the knot with Aaron in an intimate backyard ceremony in September and she's revealed that her second marriage is proving to be all that she hoped it would be, saying the actor is ''my guy''.

Idina - who was married to fellow actor Taye Diggs from 2003 until 2014 - shared: ''Family, to me, means being able to be yourself, sit back on the couch and relax, and watch a movie with the people that know you better than anyone else in the world.''

The award-winning star also revealed that Aaron has already developed a close bond with her eight-year-old son Walker, who she had during her relationship with Taye.

Idina, who began dating Aaron shortly after her divorce was finalised in December 2014, explained to PEOPLE: ''They're very close.

''They're probably watching a film, or they run around play dodgeball with a sock, they make a ball out of socks and they hit each other.''

By contrast, Idina previously claimed that her split from Taye caused her life to combust, and also led her to experience unbearable stress.

Reflecting on the collapse of her previous marriage, Idina - who announced her engagement to Aaron over Twitter - said: ''Everything was combusted, I was doing eight shows a week, doing a show I was really excited, I was seeing a mediator about my divorce stuff, you know, and my son, it wasn't the perfect family scenario.

''I come from divorced parents and I promised myself I would never [blame myself], I have the idea of perfect, of how a family unit to look like, and now I know that it is important for my little boy to see a powerful, confident woman.''