Idina Menzel's son has pleader her to stop singing 'Let It Go'.

The 48-year-old actress - who is mum to 10-year-old Walker with first husband Taye Diggs - loves to sing her Grammy-award winning hit from 'Frozen' much to her son's dismay.

Featuring on Radio Two's Breakfast Show on Friday (15.11.19), Zoe Ball revealed her nine-year-old daughter Nelly tells her mum not to sing the popular song.

To which Idina replied: ''My son tells me not to sing it out loud as well. He just tells me to shut up all the time.''

Idina - who voices Queen Elsa in the hit Disney film - became the first Tony award-winning actress to reach the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with 'Let It Go' that gained international recognition.

However, the 'Rent' star still finds a way to belt out her chart topping song six years after it's release.

She said: ''Well, karaoke I don't do very often because I feel like people that don't get to sing normally should take the mic. I don't like to upstage anybody, but one beer and I'll just take that mic right out of your hand. I like doing 'Proud Mary', and I also like to do 'Let It Go'. People think I'd be bored of it but actually it's really [popular] all over the world and to sing a song people know, that resonates with young people and to see them all singing along in the audience.''

Meanwhile, Idina and her co-star Kristen Bell - who voices Princess Anna - will both receive a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The two 'Frozen' stars - who play sisters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna respectively in the Disney franchise - will be honoured on November 19 in a double ceremony, the day before the release of the highly-anticipated 'Frozen 2' movie.

Idina confessed: ''This is surreal. Overwhelmed with gratitude. #WalkOfFame. (sic)''