Idina Menzel has set a date for her wedding.

The 46-year-old actress - best known for providing the voice of Queen Elsa in Walt Disney Animation Studios 2013 film 'Frozen' - has spilled that she and her fiancé Aaron Lohr are going to tie the knot this autumn.

When quizzed about her relationship to the 'Loving Leah' actor - who she got engaged to in September 2016 - on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Thursday (15.06.17), she said: ''I'm engaged so I'm getting re-married.''

When asked for a date she replied ''in the fall''.

Idina veteran spoke of her new found happiness after revealing that she believes her busy eight shows a week schedule for the break up of her marriage to actor Taye Diggs, who she married in 2003 and divorced in 2014.

She said: ''Everything was combusted, I was doing eight shows a week, doing a show I was really excited, I was seeing a mediator about my divorce stuff, you know, in my son, it wasn't the perfect family scenario.

''I come from divorced parents and I promised myself I would never do that (blame herself) , I have the idea of perfect, of how a family unit to look like, and now I know that it is important for my little boy to see a powerful, confident woman.''

Since her 'Frozen' role and the song 'Let It Go' made her a global star and role model to young kids, Irina admits she gets nervous about swearing on stage at her shows because she has a ''truck driver's mouth.''

Irina - who is currently on tour - said: ''It's hard because I'm in my 40s and I've had a life and so I have young girls sitting in the audience but you know I'm from New York, I have a truck driver's mouth, I have a little boy who hates 'Frozen' he just wants mummy to himself he doesn't like that these other people want to claim me but yeah it's hard to reconcile being a mature woman and have young kids in the audience and usually I just say ear muffs for the parents and say something more appropriate for the audience.''