Imogen Poots thinks sci-fi films offer an ''incredible platform'' for actresses.

The 30-year-old actress has the lead role in 'Vivarium' - in which she plays a woman forced into becoming the primary carer for a strange child who inexplicably arrives on her doorstep - and relished being able to ''totally commit'' to her character without any vanity.

She told SciFiNow magazine: ''I think sci-fi and genre films in general offer up an incredible platform for female performers.

''Like Sigourney Weaver in 'Alien' and more recently Toni Collette in 'Hereditary'.

''It gives us the chance to go to real lengths for a psychological experience and you can leave your vanity at the door and totally commit to a character.

''I think that's why a lot of us, as actors, are drawn to psychological horror and films of this kind of genre.

''Just like a great book, there's a compelling story in 'Vivarium'.

''If you can unpack it, you can get all lovely and pretentious about it. And find your metaphors! I found the motherhood thread of the story interesting.''

And Imogen felt lucky to be cast alongside Jesse Eisenberg because he was willing to play a part that was ''secondary'' to her role.

She said: ''I think so many actors would be hesitant to take a part where each character's experiences are equally as important.

''In terms of page count, it's rare to find an actor who's willing to play a part that's secondary to the female lead.

''I think we were lucky to get someone like that. We laughed all the time.

''I'd whisper 'Oscar' to Jesse whenever he'd get a close up.''