Interpol's Paul Banks was drawn to being a rock star because of Kurt Cobain.

The 40-year-old frontman wanted to be a musician from a young age, but says it wasn't the wild lifestyle and being a celebrity that drew him to the role, but the ''authenticity'' of the late Nirvana star's music.

Asked what age he decided he wanted to be a 'rock star', he told''From 15.!

He continued: ''But I will say, my friend, it wasn't at all the 'rock star'. I would say it for shock value when I was 15. If the guidance counsellor would say, 'What do you want to be when you get older?' I'd say, ' rock star!'

And it was Nirvana - the one, the band that solidified the dream for me. But I will say in all honesty I never envisioned tour buses and private jets and celebrity.

It was never about that. I think it was something in - there was a such a pure form of expression coming off of Kurt Cobain. I think it was that sense of like... I don't know, it felt like, 'That's the job!' That's the most honest thing that anyone can do.

''It seemed so cathartic and full of energy and authenticity. I think it was more that the aspiration was to be a professional musician.

''I had no concept of the trappings of stardom. So that wasn't something that drew me to it.''

Paul admits that he doesn't see him performing with a full band in the next 30 years time, and will likely be retired or just doing the odd stripped back gig.

Asked if he sees himself rocking into his 70s, he replied; ''When I'm 70?! I think I'll probably be retired when I'm 70! Or maybe, maybe a wooden stool and an acoustic. Maybe that's my future when I'm in my 70s.''

Interpol released their new album 'Marauder' on Friday (24.08.18), their first in four years, the follow-up to 2014's 'El Pintor'.