Isla Fisher wants children to read more.

The 42-year-old actress recently released the fourth book in her 'Marge in Charge' series of children's books - called 'Marge and the Secret Tunnel' - and has opened up on her decision to journey into literature, as she says she wants to make sure there's plenty of books out there for young people to sink their teeth into.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Talk' on Wednesday (23.05.18), Isla - who has three children with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen - said: ''I was inspired to write it because I felt like for a certain transitional phase of reading, there wasn't really much available for kids that was humorous. And I feel like our kids today have exposure to all these modern gadgets and we don't get them reading like we did in our day. We just read. So I'm pretty passionate about child literacy.''

The 'Now You See Me' actress also recently spoke about the inspiration behind her book series, which she admitted was born from the ''silly voices'' she put on for her own brood at home.

She said: ''I was doing a bunch of silly voices at home at bed time, so Marge was kind of the one character who I guess appealed to the tiny people in my home. So she ended up being the favourite, and I used to just make up funny stories and it went from there. There's only so long you can last on Peppa the Pig impressions.''

And Isla thinks her series of books is ''perfect'' for ''engaging'' with her children, because of the ''silly'' things Marge does in the stories.

The 'Wedding Crashers' star added: ''When you have to be a sensible mummy during the day, you want your kids to think you're fun so I just came up with stories. Marge is kind of the perfect character to do all the silly things that kids would secretly like to do, like making chocolate soup for dinner, so I would just use her as a tool to engage the kids.''