Isla Fisher does not want to look ''younger''.

The 41-year-old actress has ''embraced'' the ageing process as she no longer wants to appear more youthful than she is and she is content with looking ''Ok'' for her age'', and this mentality has made her life ''a lot easier''.

Speaking to Balance magazine, the 'Keeping Up With the Joneses' star - who has three children with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen - said: ''I've stopped having that battle. I've chosen to embrace the ageing process. I don't want to look younger, I just want to look OK for my age. Realising that has made life a lot easier.''

However, the star has put her flawless complexion down to staying hydrated, a full night's sleep, and a healthy diet.

She explained: ''I do try.

''I also drink lots of water, make sure I get seven hours sleep a night and eat as clean as I can.''

Isla is ''hooked'' on meditation, and she has credited the relaxation therapy to help her de-stress, although she ''never'' goes to the gym.

She explained: ''I'm hooked but I usually do it when it's too late. But the time I get around to it, I'm already feeling the stress - which isn't healthy. Meditation definitely works though. It quietens frantic thoughts and unlocks creativity.

''It is pretty ironic, seeing as I never go to the gym. I like to give the impression I'm trying to be fit - all the gear, no idea - that's me.''

Meanwhile, the 'Now You See Me' beauty believes her career has ''surpassed [her] wildest dreams''.

She said: ''In terms of my career, I feel like I've surpassed my wildest dreams. When I used to think of Hollywood as a young kid, growing up in Perth, I always imagined I'd be cleaning someone else's pool not having one of my own.''