Isla Fisher once mistook Niall Horan's legion of fans for her own.

The 42-year-old actress has admitted that during her last appearance on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' - which she guest starred on alongside Ewan McGregor and the 'Slow Hands' hitmaker - she suffered a double blunder, as not only did she believe the One Direction star's name was Neil, she also thought his screaming fans in the audience were for her.

Speaking as she took to James Corden's couch once again on Friday (15.06.18), Isla said: ''I kept calling him Neil backstage. Then when Ewan McGregor and I came through the curtain [on the show], just as we did now, everyone was really screaming at us and we had a moment. It wasn't for us, it wasn't for us at all ... It was for Niall.''

And the 'Tag' star hasn't learned her lesson either, as she added that the Irish musician ''will always be Neil to me''.

Whilst Isla is a mother of three young children herself, her brood aren't likely to spend their time listening to the latest boy bands like One Direction, as Isla has placed a bigger importance on reading.

The flame-haired beauty - who has her children with husband Sacha Baron Cohen - has even penned a series of children's books called 'Marge in Charge' in order to encourage young children to read more.

She said: ''I was inspired to write it because I felt like for a certain transitional phase of reading, there wasn't really much available for kids that was humorous. And I feel like our kids today have exposure to all these modern gadgets and we don't get them reading like we did in our day. We just read. So I'm pretty passionate about child literacy.''