The Isle of Wight Festival goers were forced to camp out in their vehicles overnight due to the extreme heavy rainfall which practically reduced the Seaclose Park venue into a muddy swamp and left several thousand people unable to enter the waterlogged car parks.

The music lovers were stuck in traffic for up to 10 hours and many simply changed their mind and went home. One Festival goer hopeful Tweeted, 'Awful! Would only recommend iowfest to lovers of disorganisation, queuing and mudbaths.' Another disgruntled motorist claimed she'd been sat in her car with her partner and daughters since 6 o'clock on Thursday, the morning of which the access problems began. 'This weather has been going on for weeks, so why were they not prepared for it?' She told BBC News. 'Why did they let us get on the ferry when they knew there was nowhere for us to go?' Many people were taken by police to seek food and shelter at the nearby Newport Football Club, however there certainly wasn't enough space to accommodate the expected 55,000 people. Festival organisers had to open several extra fields as car parks overflowed but many vehicles had to be towed. The remainder of motorists who were waiting to get to the venue on Friday morning were told to travel on the ferries by foot. Despite the problems, the organisers were still determined to make the best possible weekend for the people who had managed to attend and made plans to get people out on the Sunday. John Giddings said: 'The police want an emergency plan from me as to how I am going to get people off on Sunday. I'll have tractors and people ready to take people off.' He also apologised to the public but promised that the weekend would still be enjoyable.

An MP for the Island, Andrew Turner has expressed concern for the lack of planning for the weekend. 'It appears that inadequate contingency plans and preparations were in place. Lessons must be learned. Most people are not killjoys - they expect some inconvenience over the festival weekend - but there must be a limit. That limit has been reached. The permitted festival size was increased to 90,000 this year - that is too many and not all the tickets have been sold'. The weekend cost camping adults a whopping 190 pounds for the three days with a particularly exciting line-up which included headlining performances from Tom Petty, Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen as well as Noel Gallagher'S High Flying Birds, Jessie J, Madness and Example. It was no wonder the organisers were so desperate to keep the festival going. This year doesn't seem to be doing festivals any favours. The 2012 Download Festival at Donington Park was equally as damp and muddy with the line-up being affected by the heavy traffic and the weather. However, delays only reached two hours for the event earlier this month - a far cry from what was suffered at the IOW Fest. Things do not bode well for BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend either, which will take place at the aptly named Hackney Marshes on the 23rd and 24th June 2012. The impressive main stage line-up this year includes Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Florence and the Machine and Rizzle Kicks; names which pop music lovers will be crossing all their fingers to watch without any interruptions from the British weather. The Met Office has predicted medium level clouds and a low probability of rain on the Saturday and only light rain throughout the Sunday.