The Lights Please star was interviewed by Creed moviemaker Coogler as part of the #MLKNow event, which was held to celebrate Martin Luther King Day in honour of the late civil rights activist in New York City on Monday (18Jan16).

During the chat, Coogler asked the rapper, "How did getting married change you, bro?" and Cole, who appeared to be surprised by the question, replied, "Oh, what is that?!"

The director added, "Was that off limits?... my bad" and Cole awkwardly laughed before saying, "That was like one thing to not do... I'm just joking, I'm joking... it's all good."

Coogler asked, "Nobody knows?" and Cole replied, "Well, they know now... it's cool though."

No further details were given.

Cole reportedly became engaged to Melissa Heholt in January, 2015 after 10 years of dating. They met at St. John's University in New York.