Jack Black pooped in a field while filming 'Nacho Libre' - and the whole cast and crew were watching.

The 48-year-old actor starred as the titular character in the 2006 wrestling comedy from director Jared Hess, and has admitted to suffering a ''little attack'' whilst in the middle of shooting a scene, which saw him end up running to a nearby field to relieve himself whilst the cast and crew looked on in shock.

Speaking to Total Film, Jack said: ''I was on 'Nacho Libre' in Mexico and I got a little bit of 'Montezuma's revenge'.

''I had a little attack in the middle of a scene. I said 'where's the nearest restroom?'

''They said 'OK. If you just jump in a van, we'll take you back to set, and that's where the honey wagons are with the restrooms'.

''I just ran because I knew I wasn't getting into a van. I just ran into a field nearby.

''But everyone from the crew could see me. There was no hiding. So basically I had to relieve myself in front of a crew of 72 people, with my trusty assistant handing my paper.

''It was very horrifying.''

The film follows Ignacio, or Nacho to his friends, who works as a cook in a Mexican monastery, and after needing money to feed orphans he decides to raise money for the children by moonlighting as a Lucha Libra wrestler who disguises his identity.

Jack - who will star alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the new action comedy movie 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' when it his cinemas next month - has had a lucrative film career, but admits he hasn't amassed any on-set superstitions during his time as a Hollywood star.

He said: ''I'm not a superstitious person, but it bothers me when there's a scene that's played really well in rehearsal and then there's a certain expectation.

''People are like 'Here it comes, the funniest moment in the film!' It's like 'will you please shut up? You're jinxing it.''