Jake Bugg has hit out at celebrity culture for taking over the music industry.

The 22-year-old singer/songwriter is annoyed that music has been pushed to the background and that people are more obsessed with fame and being fashionable, and he believes the fact most artists use the same songwriters is partly to blame.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, he said: ''That's what people seem to be buying into now. It's more about fashion. The fashion's at the front and the music is at the back.

''I think it's the songs themselves. They are all written by the same people. They all sound the same.''

Meanwhile in his spare time, The 'Gimme The Love' hitmaker runs the Robin Hoody Foundation, which aims to help musicians who can't afford the costs involved.

Speaking of his work, he said: ''It's hard for working class bands to find the time to rehearse, get the equipment and the cost of rehearsal rooms. So, if I can help out in that way then that is cool. That is the reason I became a solo artist, so I didn't have to find the money for that rehearsal room.

''If you want money, you have to work, so it was finding the time. I used to stay in the room by myself and write songs that way.''

And it's not the first time Jake has slammed the modern music industry, he previously ranted about how easy it is to get a number one single.

He said: ''Anyone can get a number one now. You only have to sell, like, 20,000 albums or something ... It's not really an achievement anymore. You know, the charts are the charts. I can't really get excited about anything I see in them.''