Jameela Jamil learned how to do her makeup with YouTube tutorials.

The 'Good Place' actress prefers to do her own beauty looks and took inspiration from the video sharing site and social media app Instagram to ensure she could perfect her favourite looks.

She said: ''I do my own makeup. I just learn off YouTube and Instagram videos. When I was about 27 or 28, a couple years into my career, people would cake my face with makeup. I rarely wear foundation, and I don't love putting stuff on my skin. I want to look like me. Now, even when I shoot covers, I normally do my own makeup as much as I can ...

''When I first started doing my own makeup, it used to freak people out. But now I think people actually find it quite a relief. I've done makeup for a cover shoot in the back of a car in 10 minutes. I'm quick, and I'm not rolling in with an entourage and being precious. It's not my wedding day.''

Jameela is a creature of habit and loves to use the same make up.

She added to The New York Times: ''I always wear mascara, blusher and lipstick. I really like Maybelline mascara - the Colossal Big Shot. I've used that every day for maybe 10 years. I use the Giorgio Armani liquid blusher. It's not thick and powdery.

''And I love Fenty lipstick. I have the one that goes on as liquid and then goes to a matte finish. It looks like paint. It stays for days! My favourite one is a fuchsia colour. I wore it yesterday, and it's still on today. I have stained lips now - it's so good.''