James Bay may release an illustrated picture book for his fans.

The 'Wild Love' singer has been busy sketching whilst on the road and is in the process of putting together the drawings for a comic based on the songs from his debut LP 'The Chaos and the Calm'.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he revealed: ''I do still draw, in terms of a book, it terms of a book it's something I would never rule out because I do still sketch.

''When I had the idea for the 'Pink Lemonade' video I put out recently I had no other way to get it across to the director other than to draw the scenes.

''So they will be seen and they will be added to that book because I wouldn't rule it out, it would be cool.''

The 27-year-old singer has ditched his traditional guitar sound on his second record 'Electric Light - which is released on May 18 - and he says it's because he needed to challenge himself.

He explained: ''On this new record I made an effort to avoid that guitar because then it got harder.

''I wanted to mess with my own head and make it a little bit weirder, difficult for myself.''

The 'Hold Back The River' singer previously admitted he was inspired by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift to reinvent himself.

James has not only gone in a more pop-orientated direction, but he also chopped his long hair short and lost his trademark Fedora hat for his transformation.

He said: ''Ed and Taylor have almost treated each release like they're trying to break themselves again as an artist on the world's stage.

''So I'm treating this like that. Not just because I've lived this for a while now, and I'm still living it, and that feels like the smartest move.''