James Blake has blasted Hudson Mohawke's threats to leak a collaboration, which he denies even took place.

The Mercury Prize winning singer/songwriter has responded to claims from the 30-year-old producer and DJ, Hudson Mohawke, that the pair had collaborated and hinted that he could leak the material by saying ''thank God we've never worked together''.

Hudson tweeted on Thursday (11.08.16): ''We demo'd a few as well as Frank O n myself but I can't get into any more trouble for leaks:/ (sic)''

James, 27, is ''baffled'' over Hudson's claims and suggested that he had rejected material from the producer and he no thinks no one will want to work with him any more because he can't be trusted.

The 'Modern Soul' hitmaker posted on Twitter: ''Ah, for goodness sake. Yes I listened to them, and politely declined. Two years later, you're alluding to the idea we've collaborated to the point where you have something you can leak...? Leak what you have - you'd just be leaking one of your own beats with no vocals or input from me.''

''Thank God we've never worked together, because I wouldn't be able to trust you with my music. Going forward, if you continue to threaten to leak music or even suggest your ability to do so, soon no one else will trust you with their music either. Once again ... baffled. (sic)''

Hudson has since clarified his claims, and said the material would ''never see the light of day'', and he suggested that the whole spat had been blown out of proportion by ''clickbait headlines''.

On Monday (15.08.16), he posted on Twitter: ''I have no issue with james. Its being blown up by clickbait headlines that were both reacting to so stopping now (sic)''