James Corden is thinking of quitting America.

The 'Late Late Show' host - who has children Max, six, Carey, three, and seven-week-old Charlotte with wife Julia - has been living in Malibu for three years but he's feeling ''homesick'' and is ''almost certain'' he and his family won't be staying in the States forever.

He said: ''I'm almost certain that we won't live here forever because... I just don't think we will.

''This point right now is the only time since we moved here when I've experienced genuine homesickness.''

Asked if California isn't a great place to live, he replied: ''It was. For a while it's lovely. For a time it's great. With young kids it feels like a really great place to live. But then? I don't know.''

James admitted he is worried about the fact something could happen to his parents, Malcolm and Margaret, while he's away in the US.

He continued: ''A lot of it is psychological. You think we would be like, 'Ah, this is the life', and I'm unbelievably conscious that this is all great, amazing.

''But at some point - and this is just life - the phone is going to ring and in that instant we're going to feel a million miles away from people who might need us. That's what weighs on my mind. That starts to inform your decision, when you think about what the future may or may not hold.''

The 39-year-old star paid to have his parents, sisters, nieces and nephews fly out to join him and his family for Christmas, and though he admits it is ''lovely'' to have the money to do that, he wishes he had more ''time'' outside of work.

He told Event magazine: ''The money is lovely, but time is the only thing that actually exists. It's the only currency you're ever dealing with, and all you've got is this point right now. Time with people, time to do stuff - it's the only thing that matters.''

James' contract on 'The Late Late Show' ends in 2020 and though he still loves working on the programme, he is keen to do other things.

Asked how long he can continue with what he's doing, he said: ''I've no idea. I've got two-and-a-bit years to go on my contract... it might not be my choice. I've never wanted a career that was predictable.

''I'm absolutely loving it right now but I'll be disappointed in myself if I don't do another play at some point. Who knows what will happen? It's not something I need to think about right now, and that's a good thing.''