James Corden has banned himself from social media.

The 'Late Late Show' host insists sites such as Twitter and Facebook aren't very ''good'' or positive for people so he'd rather stay away from using the apps as much as possible.

He said: ''I just don't think it's that good for you. I really don't think it does positive things for you. I don't ever look at it.''

However, the 39-year-old star occasionally breaks his own vow to Tweet from is @JKCorden account, but almost always regrets it immediately afterwards.

He added in an interview with the Daily Star newspaper: ''I put something on Twitter and then I immediately remove the app from my phone again.

''I don't know what it's supposed to do for you because it doesn't do it for me.

''I don't have WhatsApp or any social media on my phone. I don't really get what Instagram is either.''

But James - who has children Max, seven, Carey, three, and eight-month-old Charlotte with wife Julia - finds other ways to stay in touch with his friends because they keep a sense of ''normality'' for him and he's grown to realise that his ''personal connection'' and ''growth'' is far more important than how successful his career is.

He said: ''You can start talking about big shows and things but actually all that matters is your own personal connection with people.

''You can't start judging your career or what other people might perceive to our success or failure. It's your own personal growth.

''I now look to people and friendships that I've had a long time to keep me in any sort of normality.''

The 'Peter Rabbit' star was thrilled to record a special 'Carpool Karaoke' with Sir Paul McCartney in Liverpool recently but had no idea how popular the segment would be.

He said: ''I'm very proud of that. I feel like we captured something really special.

''I didn't realise it would captivate people in the manner it has.

''In a week it was watched a hundred million times. It's sort of crazy really.

''I never expected it to be quite so powerful. People just seemed to be quite moved by it.''