James Corden has thought about leaving 'The Late Late Show'.

The 40-year-old British star has been hosting the US chat show since 2015 to rave reviews and earning a number of awards.

But Corden can imagine a time when he has the option to walk away but worries if he does that he will become a minor footnote in the programme's history.

Discussing the possibility of him leaving the chat show, he said: ''The day might come and I might not be brave enough. I've got to try to make peace with this idea, that if I walk away from this show, there's a chance I become a question on 'Jeopardy'. One people struggle to answer.''

Corden will be seen back on the big screen in the upcoming 'Cats' movie and is currently shooting a Christmas special of his and Ruth Jones' beloved sitcom 'Gavin & Stacey', but although he has other projects on the go he is still fully focused 'The Late Late Show', which has become famous for its 'Carpool Karaoke' singalong segment.

Some viewers have suggested the show is becoming too political, but Corden makes no apologies for airing his opinions especially when it comes to President Trump.

He said: ''It doesn't feel like Democrats versus Republicans, right now, it feels like good versus bad. Something like the Muslim ban? It's wrong. It's inciting hatred. So it's fair game. I feel quite comfortable in saying I don't agree.''

Corden - who has three children, son Max and daughters Carey and Charlotte, with his wife Julia - is famous in the US for 'The Late Late Show' and in the UK for his various TV shows and he has now finally got used to people stopping when he goes out because he appreciates the fact they are fans of his work.

He said: ''I've only just become comfortable with the notion - I would say in the last 12 months - that, OK, I understand the version of me that people want to meet, and I'll give them that, and that's alright. ''Because it's actually harder, it's more work to be rude and abrupt. And I don't want to be that, 'Do you mind?' person.''