James Norton finds it ''flattering'' to be touted as the next James Bond.

The 32-year-old actor - who is set to appear in the new BBC miniseries 'McMafia' in 2018 - has recently been spoken of as the man to replace Daniel Craig as 007, but while James admits the speculation is ''humbling'', he doubts whether he'll actually be handed the coveted role.

The London-born star - whose opening scene in 'McMafia' sees him wear a Bond-like dinner jacket - told the Radio Times: ''I did say to James Watkins, the director, are you just baiting me and stoking the rumour fire with scenes like that?

''When it's reported in the press, people assume that I've co-ordinated the scene, but I promise you I didn't. The truth is that it's total speculation.

''It's really humbling and flattering, but to have my name [talked up for Bond] next to the likes of Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender is just mad. If you're thinking of putting a bet on me, keep your money in your pocket.''

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman recently admitted he rejected the role of James Bond because he worried about being typecast.

Speaking about the possibility of playing 007, the Australian star explained: ''I wasn't handed it. I think it was, 'Are you interested?'.

''Weirdly, at drama school we'd all kind of muck around and voted on what each other would most likely be if they made it to Hollywood and everyone voted me as a Bond.

''Wolverine has been the greatest gift of my career but it's been a little surprising to me how long I've done it, how many movies, how successful it is and at a certain point how known for that role I was becoming.

''I always wanted to do different things. I wanted to do musicals, I wanted to do Shakespeare and theatre and dramas like 'Prisoners'.

''I just thought the practicality of doing those two behemoths would mean not just that I wouldn't have the opportunity but I worried that it would be sending a message to the business like that's what I want to do, I want to be known for.''