Veteran actor James Woods has assured fans he is doing well after suffering chest pains while attending a poker event in Las Vegas on Sunday (08Jun14).

The Casino star had been due to take part in a World Series of Poker card game, but had to pull out of the competition after experiencing breathing difficulties amid fears of a cardiac arrest - the same ailment which killed his younger brother, Michael, in 2009.

He received medical attention from paramedics, who fitted him with an oxygen mask, and was admitted to a nearby hospital, where doctors determined his health woes had nothing to do with his heart.

Woods subsequently took to his page to update fans on his condition, writing, "Update: seems the incident was not heart related. Possibly food poisoning with sudden onset of virulent symptoms. Great care here in Lv (Las Vegas)."

The actor, 67, has since thanked fans for their well wishes and has urged them to brush up on heart attack symptoms in case.

He tweets, "I've had such a nice response from so many kind friends and Twitter followers. It is so comforting and I'm deeply appreciative.

"I heartily recommend brushing up on cardiac knowledge at the American Heart Association website. Never try to 'outguess' chest pains.

"Finally people should be aware that heart attacks may present different symptoms than the classic ones. My dear Brother had No chest pains."