Jamie Dornan likes to be ''challenged'' with his work.

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' star feels it is important for every movie he does to challenge him in some way and he likes the idea of ''continuously pushing himself with his work''.

He said: ''With work, I always want to be challenged. I can't draw too many parallels between challenges I face in my life and those faced by Marie Colvin or Paul Conroy, but I do like the idea of continuously pushing yourself in your work. The more scared I am of a job, the more I want to do it. To spend a whole life in your comfort zone wouldn't be very exciting. That's the point of view I've come to see this from. There's not a lot of payoff in playing it safe.''

And whilst the 36-year-old actor doesn't regret starring in the 'Fifty Shades' movies, he doesn't think he'll take another job that brings so ''much attention and scrutiny'' again.

Asked if he feels like he's entering a new phase now the last 'Fifty Shades' movie has been released, he added to Vulture magazine: ''I don't see it like that, no. They're perceived the way they're perceived. Critically, that's not very favourably. But they made a lot of money, and as studio pictures go, they're pretty unique. To speak for myself, and I'll speak for Dakota as well, it's another job on another set. I probably won't ever take a job with this much attention and scrutiny and public opinion directed at it again. And that's fine. From a practical point of view, you just move on to the next and keep your head down. But listen, it's given us so much. The work that I've been doing has been a million miles from that, and not even by choice. You just keep plugging away, doing good work, and trying to better yourself.''