Jamie Dornan is ready for the ''challenge'' of raising three young children.

The 'My Dinner With Herve' star already has daughters Dulcie, four, and Elva, two, with wife Amelia Warner and while the couple are expecting another baby, the 37-year-old actor doesn't think having a larger brood will be much more difficult than their current family.

He said: ''One's a challenge, two's a challenge, everything's... f**k it, you just have to rise to it, back yourself, don't ya?''

Jamie is a hands-on dad and is ready to get to grips with changing diapers again.

He told the new issue of Red magazine: ''It's all just part of it isn't it? That's what being a parent is. The wiping s**t off your baby's bum. And you know, if you're not up for that, you're not up for anything.''

Dulcie has recently started school and the 'Fall' actor likes to be there to drop her off as often as he can.

He said: ''Watching her springing in, she's actually loving it. I mean, there's another kid in the class who screams in terror every morning, so you've got to be thankful.

''Any chance I get to be here, doing the school run, I'm doing it. You know, I'm not missing out.''

Jamie's mother died of cancer when he was just 16 years old and he still misses her every day, but likes to talk about her with his kids and keep her memory alive.

He said: ''You know, it's constant. The impact of losing my mother is with me every day for the rest of my life.

''But yeah, I would say the hardest thing now, which is very bittersweet, is telling our kids about the granny they'll never meet.

''My nearly five year old must be in multiple figures with how many questions she asks every day and plenty of them are about Granny Lorna. So, I think that's important you know. Without her, they don't exist.''