The awards show saw the cream of the crop in Hollywood turn out to celebrate, with stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Brie Larson and Matt Damon taking home gongs.

Corinne stunned on the red carpet in a sheer ball gown, with proud father Jamie by her side. When it came to advice for the evening, Oscar-winner Jamie simply told her to have fun.

"He always tells me to enjoy the moment," Corinne smiled to People magazine. "If we're at an event, my dad and I go on a hunt to get pictures with people. Hey, you may never see them again, so you might as well go for it!"

Previous Miss Golden Globes include Dakota Johnson, Rumer Willis, and Laura Dern. Jamie was quick to tell the audience how incredibly proud he was of 21-year-old Corinne.

"This young lady never asked me for money," he beamed. "This young lady never asked me for anything. This young lady's never been in trouble. This young lady deserves this moment."

This wasn't Corinne's first Golden Globe appearance, and she managed to keep her cool a lot better this time around.

"I went in 2013, as my dad's date - I got to sit next to Leonardo Dicaprio and I was freaking out the whole time," she laughed. "I took an Instagram of our place cards."

After graduating from USC college in May (16), Corinne is determined to follow her dreams into acting. However she wanted to study before trying her luck on screen, and is happy she put education first. When it comes to her acting idols, Corinne looks towards those with a similar outlook to her.

"I've always admired actresses who have prioritised their education, so Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Rashida Jones are big inspirations," she praised.