Jane Fonda thinks her movie '9 to 5' made a ''big difference'' to how women office workers were viewed.

The 80-year-old actress starred in 1980s movie alongside Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton - who wrote the smash hit song of the same name which was featured in the film - and has said the comedy, was instrumental in changing the way women were treated in office jobs.

Speaking as the movie - which followed three female secretaries, who decide to get revenge on their tyrannical, sexist boss by abducting him and running the business themselves - received a re-release at the BFI on Tuesday (23.10.18) night, Jane said: ''It made a big difference to women office workers. And the song became an anthem.''

Jane also touched on how she was seen as a ''terrible thing'' to men in the industry, because she is a strong woman who isn't afraid to voice her political opinions.

According to the Evening Standard newspaper, the 'Grace and Frankie' star spoke about her early career success and conquering fear as she introduced the re-release of '9 to 5', adding: ''[I was] that terrible thing ... a successful woman with political opinions.''

Jane's comments come after she talked openly about abuse in the film industry at an event in Paris last week, and how she believes change will be ''slow'' whilst men are still in charge.

She said: ''[Change is] going to be slow because the men still hold the power, they are the ones that manage the big studios. We need women managing the studios, they have to be in positions of power.

''But now, when the fate of the world is very unstable, it has to be women who tell the story because we see things in a different way and if we're going to solve the problems, it's going to have to be women for many, many, many, many reasons ... but everywhere in the world - there are a lot of efforts like this for women to take their own positions in cinema.

''I think it will come.''