Jane Seymour is ''proud'' of her wrinkles.

The 65-year-old actress insists she has never had any Botox, shots or fillers done and prefers to age naturally.

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''I don't do Botox, I don't do any shots or fillers or anything. I haven't done anything.

''I'm quite proud of the fact that I've got a couple of wrinkles going there. As an actress, I think it's rather important to show emotions.''

And the 'Live and Let Die' actress previously revealed she believes she has ''earned the right'' to wear tight clothes.

She said: ''I tend to wear body hugging clothes - I work out so I feel I've earned the right - and red is my go to colour. I also like white, especially in summer, because white reflects light on your face and makes you look younger. I mostly wear dresses.

''Boxy things don't suit me and I don't wear patterns because I'm quite small - 5ft 4in - and look better in one colour. I have a long back and a long neck so when I sit down I am as tall as somebody who's six foot something, but my legs are not as long. The one thing that I wish I had is an extra two inches from knee to ankle but when I wear high heels, especially nude ones, I achieve that.''

And Jane also revealed she never lets anyone do her eyelashes, even if she is on a movie set.

She added: ''I do my makeup in natural light. I use different foundations, depending on what I am doing, and eyes are really important. I go for brown and taupe, sometimes grey and black, depending on how big I want to make my eyes. I never use colour.

''I do my own eyelashes, even if I am on a movie. I like individual lashes and I am really quick at putting them in. If I put the lashes on first and then mascara my own into them, no one can even tell I've false lashes on.''