Review of That Love Sound Single by Japanese Voyeurs

Review of Japanese Voyeurs single That Love Sound

Japanese Voyeurs That Love Sound Single

Reading Japanese Voyeurs' own biography is like being in mind of an angst-ridden teenager, with immature remarks and a sarcastic humour that loses appeal once you've grown up. Still, there is the telling quote that "if it feels right we put it in the song", which hopefully means there's no bandwagon to be jumped on here. Those intrigued may catch the outfit on tour now, culminating in a show at London Barfly.

A gentle and delicate guitar opening is punctuated by a high and fragile vocal, making for an intriguing opening until a throwback to grunge kicks in. Trading on clichéd dynamic changes, 'That Love Sound' fails to cover any new ground whilst being far from outstanding in what it is, with a lack of any song progression making for a disappointing listen. A decent middle eight is the only saving grace, but rarely has this been enough to save a track and it certainly isn't in this case.

Alex Lai

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