Jared Leto wants to see more women working in the music industry.

Following the #MeToo movement that has swept the film industry, the 30 Seconds To Mars star is keen to see women working both on stage and backstage in music.

He said: ''I would say it's a selfish thing because I realised that half the population of the world has probably a disproportionate amount of the talent. I grew up with a single mom who was really hard working. She put herself through college and nursing school. I recognise the value of people. And there absolutely needs to be more women on the road.''

And when it was suggested that the music industry could have its own #MeToo movement one day, Jared insisted, for him, that it is important that there is a ''really professional environment'' backstage at his shows.

He added: ''Ah, I haven't thought about that before. We have a really professional environment, as you see backstage. You'll see a little bit of water and some muesli and people working really hard.''

Jared had previously been linked to play Hugh Hefner in a biopic about the late Playboy magazine founder's life, directed by Brett Ratner, but Jared insists that is not true.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I am not doing the Hefner movie, and I am not working with Brett Ratner on any Hefner movie. It was a total rumour and not true. I was never going to be in any movie with Brett Ratner directing Hugh Hefner.''