Jared Leto wants to buy a custom pink NASCAR 30 Seconds to Mars stock car.

The 46-year-old singer-and-actor was thrilled when the vehicle was revealed at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth on Wednesday (04.04.18), and after going for a 160mph drive with Xfinity driver Tyler Reddick, Jared mentioned he wanted to take the car home.

Though the staff at the racetrack laughed, Vice President of communications, Mike Zizzo, told The Blast the 'Suicide Squad' star's assistant then gave out the singer's business card and said he was serious about buying the car.

However, the 'Kings and Queens' hitmaker is unlikely to do much speeding around the vehicle if he does buy it as he admitted after the drive he was relieved when it was over.

Speaking to Texas news outlet Star-Telegram, he said: ''It was incredible and it was a fine line that I rode in the car, between panic and joy. It was intense, the way they take those turns and corners, it's full on - he was putting pedal to the metal. It felt like 1000mph to me. I can't even tell how many times we were around, it was so fast.

''When I saw the checkered flag, it was a bit of a relief.''

And Jared spent the entire ride ''screaming'', though he wasn't entirely sure why.

He said: ''I was inside screaming the whole time just like a kid. It's either you scream for joy or you scream for panic, but you're screaming.''

The custom wrap took just two weeks for local company 360 Wraps to create, which was said to be challenging as the firm usually work on passenger vehicles, rather than stock cars.

Jared visited the speedway as part of his 'Mars Across America' hitchhiking tour to promote the band's new album, 'America'.