Jared Leto has pledged to shave off his beard if Thirty Seconds to Mars' new album tops the US charts.

The 46-year-old star and his band are set to release their new record, 'America', later this week, and Jared has given fans the chance to decide whether or not he keeps his distinctive facial hair.

He wrote on Instagram: ''So should I shave this beard or what??? [shaving emojis]


Jared previously admitted that the band's new record could be their ''last album'' for a while.

The 'Suicide Squad' actor conceded that the band are ''slow'' when it comes to releasing music, adding that fans might have to wait a long time before they put out a follow-up to their fifth studio album.

He said: ''We're really slow at putting albums out.

''I don't mean we're never putting music out again but this may be the last album at least for a while, until I feel I need a collection of songs to say something.''

Prior to that, Jared revealed the record will be ''surprising'' and futuristic.

The American star also explained that the album would be markedly different to the band's earlier efforts.

He shared: ''The album is, I think, going to be very surprising to people. There's quite a lot of different musical styles on the album, it's a very modern album and a break from the past - we are incredibly excited about it. It has a lot of energy and we've spent years working on it, exploring new ideas.''