Jason Blum thinks it would be difficult for anyone other than James DeMonaco to write 'The Purge' movies.

Although 'The First Purge' is the first film in the horror franchise that creator DeMonaco has not directed he still wrote the script and acted as the producer and he says his contribution and influence to the lawless romps cannot be underestimated.

In an interview with Collider, Blum said: ''I think in an ideal world the writer, directors would continue to write and direct in an almost ideal world, at least they write, you know? And like Leigh Whannell still writes the 'Insidious' movies and James is still writing 'The Purge' movies, I think if we were to do another one I think it would be very tough to have anyone write it. So I really like to have the people who create the movies that turn into franchises to be as involved as possible. Sometimes their schedule just stops permitting it or they just had enough. So I push for as much as I can get. But I still got a lot of James' focus and attention on the movies, which is great, and the TV show.''

Blum's Blumhouse Productions company has been responsible for bringing all four 'Purge' films to the big screen and he has vowed to continue to make movies with DeMonaco on his future projects because they have such a close working relationship.

The 49-year-old filmmaker said: ''We just did this other movie that James wrote and directed, which had nothing to do with 'The Purge' and that was something that he really wanted to do. So the other thing that I do like to do is if we have someone who's created a franchise for us, I like to support them in their other endeavors as well. So they don't feel like they're in jail, in franchise jail.''