Jason Derulo doesn't listen to criticism about his bum tunes.

The 'Wiggle' hitmaker - whose song 'Colors' is the official FIFA 2018 World Cup anthem - has hit back at people who think his lyrics are too explicit, and insists he is no misogynist as even some of the female co-writers he's worked with, including Soak Siren on last year's 'Tip Toe', have added their own racy language to his hits.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''For me, I'm somebody different when I'm with my mother, I'm somebody different when I'm with my friends, I'm somebody different when I'm with my lover, so I think there is a time and a place for everything.

''Misogynistic? I actually co-wrote 'Tip Toe' with a woman (Soak Siren).

''She probably wrote the dirtiest s*** on the record.''

And whilst the 28-year-old hunk loves to write songs about his love of booties, Jason says he has many bangers that aren't just about the body part.

The 'Swalla' hitmaker - who releases his new album 'Two Sides' soon - added: ''I've had many platinum hits that are not talking about a**. I just happen to like a**.''

Meanwhile, the 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker previously promised fans a number of exciting collaborations on his first record since 2015's 'Everything is 4'.

He said: ''I've been recording at my house this time. And it's just been a much more comfortable experience. And I'm excited to share with you all my ups, my downs, my highs and my lows. Also, got to work with a lot of amazing artists. 2017 is ours, Derulo Family.

''I'm looking forward to a fresh start [in 2017]. So much negativity in the world in 2016. We can start fresh putting love first. We can't let our nation be run by racism, greed and abhorrence.''