Jason Derulo's next romance will be ''as private'' as possible.

The 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker admits none of his relationships have ''ever worked in the spotlight'' and so he will be taking a different approach to any other romances in the future.

He said: ''I've seen that now, that it's never worked in the spotlight. I've been [single] forever. So now I'm going to try something different. If something does happen, I'm not going to do it with everybody watching. I'm going to be as private as I can be. Of course, it's hard because you're in the public eye but we can be a little more private.''

And the 27-year-old singer has confessed he gets over break ups by eating ice cream and donuts, followed by an intense workout.

He added: ''I'm more like an ice cream, donuts [kind of guy]. Gain 10 pounds, you know what I'm saying. And then it is the gym thing, you know, try and get your ex back by looking good.''

And Jason's new song 'If I'm Lucky' touches on the aftermath of a break up.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, he told People Now: ''Just because you don't work out in this life and it talks about if I'm lucky, I'll meet you flipside of the graveyard. So it's a very different kind of topic.''

Back in March, Jason revealed he has a new girlfriend - but is trying to keep their romance low-key.

He shared: ''I'm not single. I'm keeping it on the low. I've been trying to. I'm trying to do it different this time because every other time, it didn't work.''