Jason Derulo wants marijuana to be legalised.

The 'Swalla' hitmaker says the psychoactive drug can be ''really helpful'' for those struggling with serious pain from pre-existing medical conditions, and he believes it should be decriminalised to help ''subside'' their suffering.

He said: ''I think it's really helpful in so many ways.

''I've watched people suffer and with marijuana, the suffering gets to be subsided a little bit.

''That's from personal experiences.

''So for me, I know it's a humongous help for people and I think it should be legalised.''

The 29-year-old star - who performed at the 2018 MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Spain on Sunday night (04.11.18) - also spoke about taming his partying ways and how he's very careful about the amount of alcohol he consumes, claiming he only has around three drinks each night when he's on tour, to make sure his voice is the best it can be for his fans.

He added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''I do still party, it's just how much I am drinking, I really pay attention to that, especially when I'm on the road and I have back-to-back shows.

''As a young artist I would get fatigued during these performances and I couldn't realise why.

''Partying is fine as long as you're not screaming during the night because that's going to strain your voice, and not drinking too much. I'd say I have about three drinks on a night out.''

The 'Tip Toe' hitmaker follows in the footsteps of stars including rapper Snoop Dogg - who has his own line of cannabis products named Leafs By Snoop, which last year had a net worth of $135 million - and Hollywood stars Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson in campaigning for the drug to be legalised.