JAY AND SILENT BOB star Jason Mewes is being sued by the producer who wanted to commit his rehab struggles to celluloid.

Jason - who has achieved cult status playing recurring character JAY in all indie moviemaker Kevin Smith's films to date - allegedly reneged on a deal to allow CRAIG VEYTIA to film his recovery from a heroin addiction.

The project - entitled ROCK BOTTOM - was to feature Mewes using the deadly drug, being arrested and then trying to stay clean. But although he signed two deals agreeing to the film in March (03), Mewes has since distanced himself from Veytia.

According to the terms of the contracts, Mewes had also employed Veytia as his personal manager and given him the rights to his life story.

Now Veytia is taking the CLERKS star to court to get permission to "produce and exploit" the tale of his life, using the footage already obtained.

At the time the project was announced, Jersey Girl director Smith expressed his concerns about it. He said, "I'm all for Jay trying to put his life together.

"I've been taking a tough-love approach with Jay, telling him I wouldn't hang out with him or work with him until he cleaned up. If the idea of a camera following him around impedes his drug use, that's great. But, at the same time, it does seem kind of exploitative."

02/07/2003 02:35